For picnic perfection, just add Charlie's Trout and sunshine...

There is nowhere quite like England on a glorious June day and now that we’ve had a couple of them to whet our appetites, the mind springs to making the most of what will hopefully be a long, hot, summer, spent mainly in the Great British Outdoors. Our calendars are fast being filled with weekend weddings and celebrations...

...but there are also plenty of fabulous upcoming events that we’re really hoping to squeeze in. Glyndebourne beckons, Ascot looks inviting, Goodwood is a definite fixture and there is also a sprinkling of Sports days and Speech days which will hopefully be spent in the sunshine.

As well as fitting a few of these definitive days out into the schedule, we’re hoping for some seriously chilled out family time. A trip to the seaside, cousins visiting for lunch in the garden and a long walk across the South Downs with a well earned pause for a picnic.

Ahhh- the great British picnic. It’s become even more of an institution now that evening theatre, concerts in the park and films on farms are order of the day and from a humble yet scrumptious sandwich to a full-on three course meal (complete with candelabra), picnics have never been so brilliant.


If you have plans for the perfect picnic then why not consider bringing a side of Charlie’s Trout along for the occasion? Handily packed (it even comes with its own re-usable chill pack) you could just slide it into a beach bag along with some fresh-baked baguettes and a big bottle of water for a shady riverside lunch or showcase it alongside blinis, creme fraiche, salad leaves and a chilled bottle of crisp white wine.

If cooking up a storm is more your thing then our oak smoked trout makes an ideal ingredient for a myriad of recipes, all excellent for eating al fresco. As well as seeking inspiration from our very own chef's spectacular recipes, we've had a browse around Pinterest to start a board featuring a few other picnic-worthy ideas...

Recipes & photos: Bon Apetit | Gourmet Traveller | | National Trust via OUr PINTEREST Boards.

Recipes & photos: Bon Apetit | Gourmet Traveller | | National Trust via OUr PINTEREST Boards.

Our lightly oak smoked trout makes a marvellous open sandwich. A 'build your own' concept works well for picnics - just bring along a selection of toppings and let your guests get creative. A smoked trout dip or pate is a classic picnic solutionand combining seasonal, fresh watercress or asparagus with smoked trout in a quiche or flan is always a crowd pleaser. 

Talking of watercress, we rather like the look of the 'tramezzini' smoked trout sandwiches above, with watercress, capers and creme fraiche. They've been made with hot smoked trout rather than our classic cold smoked trout but we think using Charlie's Trout would work beautifully too. 

Grab your hamper - Here's to happy days!

The recipe images above are all from Pinterest. Search out boards by 'Bon Apetit', 'Gourmet Traveller', '' and 'The National Trust' to find them and lots of lovely similar ideas.