Charlie’s Hot Smoked Trout, thoroughly fantastic for recipes.

Our Hot Smoked Trout is a classic amongst ingredients - delicious in a simple sandwich, easily transformed into a sensational starter and it makes an even more delicious alternative to hot smoked salmon in some of our favourite recipes. We think Charlie's Hot Smoked Trout makes a brilliant staple for the fridge because whether you add it to pasta with a scoop of creme fraiche and some spinach leaves, use it to make some fabulous fish cakes, or dress it up in a seasonal salad, you can rely on it to create a truly delicious supper.

Our Hot Smoked Trout is worthy of being served up to your most discerning guests,  but you can also rest assured that it's easy to rustle up a recipe that'll be consumed with gusto by the family.

The particularly excellent thing about our Hot Smoked Trout is that it has such a delicious flavour and texture, that simple, speedy recipes really allow it to shine (let’s face it - sometimes you just need something sensational in super-quick time).

One of our favourite mid-week recipes is a simple quiche. Rich, crumbly pastry and a creamy filling intermingled with generous flakes of Charlie’s Hot Smoked Trout and a little seasonal green veg.

This time of the year it’ll work perfectly with steamed spring vegetables or a salad straight from the garden. As well as being easy and quick to prepare - you can make it in advance and freeze it if that better suits your hectic schedule.


There are a million variations of the classic quiche recipe but once you’ve found your favourite you can really make it your own - and be able to rustle one up in no-time. For the best shortcrust pastry, we like a little bit of Jamie Oliver. His recipe uses equal fat to flour, with cheddar cheese making up part of the fat. This gives the pastry a crispy finish and really tasty flavour. Jamie also recommends adding a few herbs to the pastry which makes it even more flavoursome - and who’re we to argue?

Once we’ve got our pastry prepped we always try to stick to the rule of letting it rest in the fridge - just for a few minutes - because it really does make it easier to roll out. It’s a good moment to get the filling organised (or pour a glass of wine) in any case. We always bake the quiche case blind first too so there’s no risk of a soggy bottom. A piece of baking parchment and a handful of dried pulses works well, as does pricking the pastry base a few times with a fork before you pop it into the oven.

Some oven roasted red onions make a good start point for the filling, then a couple of Charlie’s Hot Smoked Trout fillets flaked and spread. We like to add a few chargrilled courgette slices, asparagus spears or wilted spinach leaves too. We keep the egg mix simple - 250ml of double cream and three eggs works well or creme fraiche is a good alternative. 

A sprinkling of tasty grated cheddar to finish things off and then 40mins-ish in the oven by which time we’ll have a fluffy filling, fuelled with the flavours of Charlie’s Trout and a crisp golden shell. Delicious - particularly when eaten al-fresco and accompanied by that well deserved glass of chilled white wine.

For our our favourite shortcrust pastry recipe, pop over to Jamie Oliver's recipe pages. To order your Charlie's Hot Smoked Trout, pop along to our shop.