Charlie’s Smoked Trout makes perfect canapés for the Summer party season.

School’s out and we’re aiming to make the most of the (hopefully) sunny weekends and sultry evenings, catching up on a little bit of social interaction. We don’t mean the kind that keeps you huddled round your mobile phone - we’re thinking more along the lines of glorious garden parties, al fresco cocktails or Pimms on the patio. Friends, fizz and nibbles are the perfect accompaniments to plenty of laughter and a good old chin wag.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sprawling garden, complete with gorgeous views and shady corners, you have a simple outdoor space, or you just have a handy local park, getting a group of friends (whatever the size) together of an evening for a little well earned relaxation (particularly if you’ve spent the day busily entertaining the kids) is hard to beat.

(You can find the lovely recipes above and photo sources for these delectable images, via our pinterest link at the bottom of this post.)

To make your gathering a little bit more special, preparing a few tasty looking nibbles to accompany your cool drink selection can ensure hunger pangs are banned from the party - and that means that everyone sticks around too. We’ve found that with a little bit of effort and a large pack of Charlie’s Smoked Trout, you can quickly rustle up some delicious snack solutions to thoroughly impress your guests.

When it comes to planning a gathering of any kind, Pinterest is always our first port of call. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it’s an amazing on-line album, full of creative inspiration and photographs. They all link back to relevant websites, so when it comes to searching out ‘the best smoked trout recipes’,  ‘some smoked trout canapés’ or ‘party food with smoked trout’ (for instance) you’re quickly faced with a plethora of ideas. 

You can find some of our boards on Pinterest too, including one especially dedicated to Charlie’s Trout based nibbles, perfect for parties and gatherings (but which are nice and simple to prepare). Why not try our own classic Charlie’s Cold Smoked Trout Blini recipe or have a go at creating a plate of Smoked Trout stuffed Endive leaves?

Opt for Hot Smoked Trout on Sliced Potatoes or our very own recipe for Smoked Trout Terrine (which you can just slice and serve with posh crackers). We’ve gathered a veritable smorgasbord of smoked trout recipe ideas which would go down a storm at a gathering with friends or any garden based celebration throughout the Summer season. 

Why not have a browse here and then head over to the Charlie's Trout  shop to stock up.