Our Hot Smoked Trout makes marvellous meals in minutes...

At Charlie’s Trout, when we talk fast food we mean the kind that’s ready on our plates in just a few minutes but which is also delicious, nutritious, colourful and appetising. We’re definitely not averse to a bit of proper ‘pottering around the kitchen’ kind of cooking but sometimes the window of opportunity for that is a little bit limited. If the family’s starting to circle, vulture-like or the hunger pangs have really set in then reaching for a pack of our succulent Hot Smoked Trout can be the start of something suitably speedy (and scrumptious to boot).

One of our favourite go-to recipe sources is bbcgoodfood.com. With thousands of recipes listed, all with really simple instructions, whether you’re planning to prepare a canapé selection for a party, a meal for friends or a special celebratory dinner - finding the perfect menu is simple. There are plenty of brilliant smoked trout recipes to be found too. Recipe ideas that will work wonderfully well with Charlie’s Cold Smoked Trout or our Hot Smoked Trout fillets.


Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of cold smoked trout. The unmistakable coral-colour, delicate slices and melt-in-the-mouth texture you get from carefully reared and prepared fish like Charlie’s Trout, is unbeatable. And when you combine excellent trout with a special blend of sawdust and a generous amount of smoking time (just like we do) the resulting cold smoked trout is a triumph.

People tend to be a little less well-versed in the intricacies of hot smoked trout. It is prepared at a hotter temperature (rather than being marinaded in hot spice) which gives it a moist, more robust texture, delicious succulence and opaque appearance. If you prepare hot smoked trout with the devotion to perfection that we do - the results are an absolute treat.

Photos & recipes : bbcgoodfood.com 

Photos & recipes : bbcgoodfood.com 

When it comes to speedy supper or lunch solutions Charlie’s Hot Smoked Trout is a champion and bbcgoodfood.com really comes up trumps for  perfect ingredient combinations tha'll showcase its tasty fillets.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite quick and delicious dishes below but there are plenty of other fabulous recipes for Hot Smoked Trout on the world wide web, our Pinterest boards and beyond. 



350g pack of gnocchi, 150ml double cream, 1 large courgette (coarsely grated), small bunch chopped dill (reserve a few fronds to garnish), 1 pack of Charlie's Hot Smoked Trout fillets (flaked).


Cook the gnocchi according to the pack's instructions in a large pan of boiling water. Whilst this is cooking, heat the cream gently in a separate pan, add in the courgette and cook for a minute or two. Turn up the heat, bubble and thicken. Stir in the Hot Smoked Trout and dill, heat through and season to taste. Drain the gnocchi and stir through the sauce. Sprinkle with the dill fronds and a twist of black pepper to serve. Devour.





1 and a half tbsp butter, 3 tbsp plain flour, 350ml full-fat milk, 1-2 tbsp creamed horseradish (optional), small bunch chopped dill, 1 bunch chopped spring onions, zest of 1 lemon, 2 packs of Charlie's Hot Smoked Trout fillets (flaked), 450g mashed potato (leftovers are great for this).


Heat oven to 180C. Melt the butter in a saucepan then stir in the flour for 1min. Gradually stir in milk and horseradish. Bubble the sauce to thicken for a couple of mins, then add dill, three quarters of the onions, lemon zest, fish and seasoning. Pour into four individual pie dishes or 1 large pie dish. Mix the remaining onions with the mash, spread over the fix mixture and bake for 15-20 mins until golden and bubbling. Serve with stem broccoli or sugar snap peas.

BBC GOOD FOOD's Hot Smoked Trout & spelt salad with watercress


85g think-stemmed broccoli, juice of half an orange, 1tbsp flat leaf parsley (chopped), 140g ready-to-eat spelt, 140g Charlie's Hot Smoked Trout (flaked), large handful watercress. 


Steam the broccoli gently until cooked al dente (approx 3 mins should do). Mix the orange juice, chopped parsley and spelt together and then gently toss in the hot smoked trout, broccoli and watercress. Enjoy.


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To find more delicious recipe ideas for Charlie's Trout, including the recipes and pictures featured above, head to www.bbcgoodfood.com