Kiln Smoked Trout 2 fillets


Kiln Smoked Trout 2 fillets


Two fillets of our fantastically flavoursome and succulent kiln smoked trout (min 125g), all ready to eat.

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Our trout is so fresh we don’t carry stock on the site, we only catch and smoke the trout when you place your order. The preparation and smoking process takes between 3-6 days, with delivery to you on Fridays.

Our Kiln Smoked Trout Fillets are smoked for 7 hours using the delicate flavour of Wiltshire green oak. The temperature is slowly increased throughout the smoking process to a maximum of 85 degrees C, resulting in a beautiful golden brown fillet with a succulent texture which can be eaten hot or cold.

Charlie’s Kiln Smoked Trout is ideal to add to a myriad of smoked trout recipes including salads, quiches and canapés. In this pack you’ll get two delicious fillets which you can freeze if required. 

Our trout is reared in fast flowing, crystal clear waters and prepared by experts. That’s why we think it’s the best kiln smoked trout that money can buy.

Charlie’s Trout makes a brilliant gourmet food gift or hamper addition. Opt for a couple of packs of Kiln or Cold Smoked Trout, or mix and match. We’ll add a smart ribbon, tag and a personalised message too, just to finish things off.

Place your order today and we’ll prepare your Charlie’s Trout specially and deliver it direct to your door in our chilled packaging.

All of our products are responsibly sourced and free from artificial ingredients.

Allergens: Charlie's Kiln Smoked Trout - Fish