Cold Oak Smoked Trout 250g


Cold Oak Smoked Trout 250g


A substantial and stylish 250g pack of our wonderful, hand sliced classic smoked trout.


Our trout is so fresh we don’t carry stock on the site, we only catch and smoke the trout when you place your order. The preparation and smoking process takes between 3-6 days, with delivery to you on Fridays.

Our classic Cold Smoked Trout is a wonderful recipe ingredient whether you’re looking for the best smoked trout, or an alternative to smoked salmon. This mid-sized pack gives you plenty of smoked trout for a stylish supper or special celebratory picnic. Spread our delicious Cold Smoked Trout on a seasonal salad, add to a quiche or pasta dish - it’s a seriously versatile ingredient.

Smoked over Wiltshire green oak, our Cold Smoked Trout is nothing short of delicious. Our dedicated team won’t accept anything less and that’s why Charlie’s Trout is such a covetable artisan food.

If you’re looking for the ideal gourmet food gift, how about a pack (or two) of Charlie’s Trout? We’ll add ribbon if you like and you can add a personalised message.

Place your order today and we’ll prepare your Charlie’s Trout specially and deliver it direct to your door in our chilled packaging.

All of our products are responsibly sourced, free from artificial ingredients and can be frozen if required.

Allergens: Charlie's Cold Smoked Trout - Fish